MIZUNO3_670This excellent ad was created by Mizuno to market a pair of volleyball shoes. They’ve done a great job with their advertising so today we´re going to analyze how they did it.

ALIGNMENTmizuno alignment

They created organization within the ad itself with a flush right alignment. Alignment is very important as it creates a visual connection between the things you see on the page.


mizuno proximity

The second aspect of this advertisement that make it so appealing is the proximity and grouping of words. They grouped similar words together giving it a more organized appeal.


mizuno colors

The next step was the color choice. They went with Accented Analogous color scheme. Blue was the accenting color and this color scheme created a bold daring fell to the advertisement.


mizuno contrast

They were definitely NOT WIMPS in creating a bold contrast within the ad. They have a nice volleyball court floor but in the center where the shoe is pushing down, the floor boards are coming up, creating great contrast and showing the “power and strength” of the shoe. The contrast is what really makes the advertisement catch your eye and it gets most of its appeal from that part.


mizuno repetition

The repetition within the ad was also a very important aspect. They used the repetition of lines on a volleyball court to create union and connect all of the words.


It turns out there’s a lot we can learn from a simple shoe advertisement. We just learned that there are 5 key elements to any design. ALIGNMENT, which we saw with the words flush left. PROXIMITY, which we saw with the way they grouped the words. COLOR, which was evident by the black, white, and blue scheme that was used. CONTRAST, noticeable in the floorboards that are coming up. REPETITION, where they used the repeating lines to connect it all. Design is simple but it also requires creativity and being bold. There’s definitely no room for wimps when it comes to design!




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