You may have wanted to be in a magazine, but have you ever thought about making one? It turns out, it’s not as hard as you’d think and it’s a whole lot of fun. I set out on this project to create a few magazine pages and I ended up learning so much. I used a program called InDesign which is completely user friendly and easy to manage. You definitely don’t have to be graphic design expert to use it. After all, I did it so it can be too hard!


I started out by picking a topic, article and audience. I picked one of my favorite talks by President Russell M. Nelson. I found it on The article talks about how important women are and how much God needs women to help build His kingdom. It talks about our divine nature and individual worth. With that being said I figured that my audience would probably be women ages 8 and on, especially Latter-Day saint women.

I wanted to communicate to the audience that being a woman is a simple, beautiful and divine role to have. I hoped to do this through innocent, sweet pictures and feminine colors. I wanted to keep it simple. Too often we overcomplicate things and forget the beauty of simplicity. I wanted to remind the good women of the world that we should keep things simple and just remember who we are.

Design Choices

A few of the design choices I went with include the font, the photographs, the color scheme, the text wraps and shapes and the subheadings.

For the font I tried to use typfaces that I thought contrasted instead of conflicted. The ones I went with were Athelas (serif) and Noteworthy (creative). I hoped to add interest by using these two very distinct typefaces.

The photography I chose, I took myself. The first picture I tried to capture the beauty and innocence of a girl and the second picture I tried to capture the power that our divine nature gives us, even the very power to create.


Photo 1: Taken by author, Jenneca Allred (Redline Photography)


Photo 2: Taken by Author Jenneca Allred (with help from friends)

Next I had to decide on the color scheme. I tried to choose feminine colors which is why I went with lilac. Purple also is associated to royalty, reminding us that we are daughters of God and heirs to His kingdom. I used the adobe color wheel to create my color scheme.

I used two text wraps on the second and third pages. The first text wrap was around a quote that I liked from the article and the second text wrap was around the last image. I made sure to put at least 1 inch radius around the shapes so that the words would not be too close.

As far as shapes go I used mostly squares and rectangles. However, on the last page I placed the image as a circle. I thought it was cohesive with the shape of the sun which is in the center of the photograph.

Last I placed a few subheadings throughout the text to break it up a little more and make it easier for the reader to find their place.

Start Creating

Well there you have it. Just get creative, have fun and remember there are no limits. We were made to create so enjoy it. Also, it helps to get advice and have peer reviews. This helped me a lot in the design and creative process. Don’t worry about messing up.

Just get to it!


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