You’re scrolling through Facebook when you see another convincing ad for the newest work out clothes or that apple’s latest watches. It draws you in and they actually get you thinking about buying their newest product. How do they do that? Have you ever wanted to know? Have you ever wanted to create your own ad? Well then you’ve come to the right spot.

Step 1: Know Your Audience

The truth is, those ads are so convincing because their designers actually know a lot about you. Any smart designer needs to know who they’re trying to reach out to. For example, my ad was geared towards men ages 25-34, in a relationship, with a high school education and an income of about $40,000 – $50,000. Now of course you can be as specific as you want with your target audience but the important thing is that you know your audience. So what do I know about my audience? They like funny things, they’re probably busy and have a hard time remember things like dates, they are in a relationship so that’s probably a big part of their life, they probably work in a professional environment. All of these observations helped me create my design. Of course you must keep in mind your product and what you are trying to advertise. My product was sticky notes.

Step 2: Brainstorm

Be creative. Sketch it out. Come up with as many different ad ideas and designs as you possibly can. This is when things get fun, so enjoy!

Step 3: Create a Color Scheme and Choose Your Fonts

Chose colors that are appealing for your audience and that go well together. I used the Adobe Color Wheel to generate a color scheme I liked. I went with Blues and yellows.

You also want to pick fonts that contrast but not conflict. The key is to be bold and pick fonts that are either exactly the same or very different. I went with serif fonts except in the sticky note I chose Bradly Hand Bold so that it would look a little more like handwriting.

Step 4: Start Designing

Now it’s time to start making your sketches come to life. Using Adobe photoshop, you can choose your favorite ad design and create it. If you’ve never used photoshop you can find plenty of tutorials on Youtube.

Here is the ad I came up with. The pictures I used were taken from the following websites:


Sticky note:

Post-it logo:


Step 5: Adjust image size and resolution according to the media platform you wish to use.

If you want to create a magazine ad, it’s probably not going to be the same size as an Instagram post. Once you know what media platforms you wish to use, you can adjust the size and resolution to fit it. For example I made an ad for a Facebook post:

facebook ad

as well as an ad for a blog post:


Well there you have it. Now that you know the essentials to basic ad design you can bring your product to life, drawing in new costumers and clientele. Just be creative, be bold and have fun. Your creativity is your limit.


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