Well now that you’ve learned a thing or 2 about creating ads, wouldn’t you love to learn how to present that in a campaign design slideshow? Take a look at the PDF link below to learn a little more.


Images are not my own but were found at as well as

The North Face Logo also belongs to North Face

Now that you’ve taken a look at the slide show, what were some of the key elements you saw?


I wanted something bold and adventurous. This is found in the person hanging from the mountain. I also wanted to incorporate that nostalgic feel of exploring the outdoors as a kid. The mountain landscape and natural lighting help with that.


I used 2 types of fonts. The first was Helvetica Bold. This is found in the North Face logo. I stuck with this font because it is their classic logo. The other font I used was Arial Black. This font is very bold and strong which ads to the overall theme and it also stays consistent with the original ad


I added red and white in both pictures. The North Face logo I used was red because it added a bold contrast, incorporating the daring feel of the ad. White added the innocence of childhood bringing back that nostalgic feeling.


To present your ad, all you have to do is explain your process. Talk about your design and the colors you used and the fonts you added and let them know why. I used InDesign to create my slides which allowed me to have a lot of creative freedom.


Creating ads and slides is about as fun as you make it. Be creative, ad your own touch and try and ad some consistency throughout it. Now it’s time to get to work.


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